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EDI konsulent

Lean Gyllenborg
Spaetttens kvt 6B
DK-2620 Albertslund
Mobil: +45 21 75 54 38

Career summary
EDI Consultant Post DK Q1 2011 - Q2 2012
EDI Consultant DSV Q2 2007 - Q3 2009
EDI Consultant Progrator Q1 - Q2 2007
Bizztalk EDI Consultant Q2 Q4 2006
Freelance EDI Consultant
Computer Futures Q3 2003 through Q1 2006
Assignment in Holland, Groningen, Logistics project.
EDI Migration project, Axway's messagebroker software XIB, Amtrix (Microsoft 2000).
Server Installation/configuration, software development and mappping.

DSV EDI Project Managment Q2 2007 - Q2 2009.
EDI Consultant.

Free-lance EDI consultant. Q1 2004 - Q1 2007
EDI mapping: XIB Amtrix.

IBM DK Q1 2001 to Q3 2003.
EDI consultant
Internal IBM systems implementation, programming, project management, Order processing and Invoicing (procurement), supply chain management, 2. level support.
EDI standards: EDIFACT, SAP I-Doc, XML, ANSI X12.
IBM Websphere Datainterchange, IBM MQ. IBM DB2.
Mercator (EDI mapping tool) Migration.
MVS (JCL scripting), Microsoft 2000.
External, customer site.
Systems implemtation, project management, programming, Bank and Finance Industry + Retail.
IBM Websphere Datainterchange, IBM MQ. IBM DB2.
Customer facing role (EMEA + USA). Daily contact with clients + IBM collegues face to face, phone + mail.
IBM Red Book project
IBM Websphere Datainterchange, IBM MQ in North Carolina.

Viewlocity UK Q1 2000 to Q1 2001
EDI consultant.
Key projects. Retail (UK) and Telecommunication (NL).
Internal customer 2. level system support.
External EDI Amtrix consultant, mapping EDI, programming, supply chain management, project management.

Philips Origin Q1 1998 to Q1 2001
EDI Consultant
Internal Origin systems implementation, MVS based Ordering system (CATS), programming (Natural/Adabas, JCL scripting)), EDI message broker software, Axways Amtrix(Unix, Microsoft), Cobol.
Project management, system operation and maintenance.
All Origin customer facing roles(EMEA). Daily contact with clients + Origin customer face to face, phone + mail.

ASG ( now DHL) Q2 1996 to Q1 1998
Internal pc/network support.
Internal system maintenance (Microsoft operation systems, AS/400), system/software implementation, internally and ASG customer systems,
project management, customer system implementation pc EDI software (Pilot).


Career History:
EDI Consultant Progrator Q1 - Q2 2007
Bizztalk EDI Consultant Q2 Q4 2006
Q3 2003-Q2 2006 Freelance EDI Consultant (Computer Futures) VosLogistics NL
01-03 EDI Consultant IBM Denmark
00-01 EDI Consultant Viewlocity UK
98-00 EDI Consultant, Electronic commerce, ORIGIN Denmark.
97-98 Freelance Consultant Manpower.
95-97 EDI / PC-supporter at ASG/ European Road Transport.
94-95 PC / Network Consultant at MR VikarService.
93-94 Datamatic student at Lyngby education Center.
89-92 Student Herlev Teknikum. Electronics Engineering University.
87-89 Car mechanic Certification
82-86 Car mechanic trainee at Ford Scaniadam A/S.
1964 28.06 Born in Copenhagen

Technical Danish, English, German, .
Social: Swedish, Norwegian, some Dutch

Working experience with: Level(1-5) 5 = Expert level

Operation management/Network Windows 95/NT/2000, IBM Tokenring, EtherNet. 5

Operation systems PC-DOS, Windows 95/NT, OS/400, MVS/TSO. UNIX. 5

Applications / standard systems MS-Office 4.3/97, WP, Lotus, 5
Access, +2000(AS/400), CATS/MVS 4

Programming:PC: Pascal, C, Clarion, Assembler, Visual Basic, AS/400: Cobol, CL 4
MVS: Natural, JCL. 4
UNIX- AMTRIX (C, EDI-mapping language client server) 5

Databases 3rd Generation SSQL, ADABAS, Oracle, Informix 4

Relational Databases. ADABS, Ingress, MS-Access. 4

EDI operation management AMTRIX, MVS EDI-converter, Mercator, IBM Websphere DataInterchange, Mercator 5

EDI standards. EDIFACT, SAP I-DOCS, XML, Tradacoms, ANSI X-12, 5

Summary: 12 years EDI experience, 6 years supply chain management,
10 years experience dealing with 3rd party suppliers, 3 years UNIX experience, 10 years experience working with EDI subsystems. Project management 3-4 years team size 2-6 persons.

Køn: Mand

Fødselsår: 1964

Følgende arbejdstid søges: Fuldtid, deltid og freelance.

Arbejdssted: Alle lande og Overalt i Danmark.

CV'et er sidst ændret: 18-05-2014.

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